VIRTUAL HSCP - An Introduction to Stalking and Cyber Stalking

Date & Time:

Wednesday 14 July 2021 (13:30 - 15:00)

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Virtual Course, Microsoft Teams


Learning outcomes:


  • What is stalking?

An introduction into what stalking is and the impact it has on victims.  There will be an emphasis upon how to spot the difference between domestic violence, harassment and stalking. 

  • Recognising the signs of stalking and Cyber stalking

Be able to recognise the signs of stalking and cyber stalking, even when your client may not realise they are being stalked.  A focus will be placed upon both stalking behaviours online and offline and how they are often interlinked.

  • How to respond to clients who are being stalked.

Using your ability to recognise the signs of stalking to respond to victims. An introduction into the ways in which you can help support clients to engage with relevant services and the digital and safety advice you can give in the meantime.

  • How to refer clients onto specialist stalking services.

Learn the services that are available to victims of stalking and how best to refer them for specialist support.

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Virtual Course, Microsoft Teams