VIRTUAL HSCP - Coercive Control Awareness Training

Date & Time:

Wednesday 18 January 2023 (13:30 - 15:00)

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Virtual Course, Microsoft Teams


Coercive Control became a criminal offence in England and Wales in December 2015. As professionals, it can sometimes be hard to understand the levels at which perpetrators of domestic abuse will go to in order to control their victims. This course is open to all Hampshire professionals working with children and young people and will develop confidence in recognising and responding to this controlling behaviour.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Be able to describe the common behavioural indicators of coercive control
  • Identify potential mechanisms to support survivors experiencing coercive control
  • Outline the ways in which coercive control can be addressed when working with both victims and/or perpetrators

Please note: There has been a title alteration to this course however, the content and presenters have not changed.

What previous delegates have said about this course:

“This was the best course.  Crammed with content, skilled presenter.  Thank you.   It was so good I have booked for the next session in October!”

“Thoroughly well-presented course - I could happily have spent a lot more time learning and listening and was so engaged for the duration! Hard hitting and very informative, thank you.”

“Excellent presentation and information, I thought the presenter gave an honest account surrounding this type of abuse and how to both identify and address this type of abuse.”

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Virtual Course, Microsoft Teams